Egg packing

We have a wide range of SANOVO egg packers both for the packed eggs destined to consumption or to hatch. They are all highly reliable, robust and easy to use, available in four capacities, from 14,400 eggs/hour up to 72,000 eggs/hour. The egg packer destined to hatch has a capacity of up to 28,000 eggs/hour, depending on the capacity of the trays. It maintains a high degree of hatchability by the smoothness of handling of eggs.

As graders, packers have multiple options that can be fitted according to the specifications of each customer: curves, extensions of lines, printer, grader, stackers boxes, destackers, etc.

The family of packers has four capabilities as described below:


  • Capacity to 72,000 eggs / hour



  • Capacity for 36,000 eggs / hour



Capacity for to 25,200 eggs / hour



  • Capacity for 14,400 eggs / hour