R & D

Aware of the importance of the research and development of new solutions, in 2006 Ingeniería Avícola created its own R&D department where specialized technologists are working every day to offer our customers innovative solutions that add value to their businesses.

The generation of animal byproducts concerns authorities and translates into increasingly restrictive legislation that encourages the byproducts management by external managers legislation which increases the management of products by external managers.

Therefore considering the valuation of these byproducts and looking at this scenario in terms of business opportunity may be the best way to face the situation.

There are several projects we have developed related to the enhancement of animal byproducts from poultry holdings:


We have developed and patented a TREATMENT OF EGG NOT SUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. It is valuing a byproduct of incubation plants. Through this system, the liquid eggs unfit for human consumption becomes dehydrated egg very easy to use. Its use as animal feed adds value to our customer.


After several years, we have managed to obtain ashes from the combustion of manure within regulatory emission levels. The obtained ash is easier to manage than manure and compared with commercial inorganic fertilisers, brings greater amounts of potassium, phosphorus, iron, as well as calcium and magnesium. Likewise, the obtained ash can join new productive processes adding value to our customer.


Shell is another animal byproduct from incubation plants. Through the process of DRYING OF SHELL developed by us, we get two types of product:

  • Dry shell, for both animal feed and fertilizer.
  • Shell without organic matter,intended for incorporation into other production processes that demand high purity calcium carbonate without organic matter.