AVICOLA FEREZ is increasing its capacity with a new production center in Abanilla (Murcia) which is starting with the beginning of the production in the first aviary designed specifically for free range hens.

Ingeniería Avícola has constructed a new building certificated with CE Compliance and furnished with aviary TECNO VS224 for 8.000 free range hens, egg cod.1.

It ‘s provided with a tunnel system ventilation with extractor fans in one side and motorized chimneys on roof that let in forced air to improve the ventilation with the opened trapdoor at the entrance of park. The refrigeration is achieved by means of evaporative panels.

The eggs automatic collection system allows the belts to move forward and a better egg distribution

The manure is removed by means of polypropylene belts inside the system and scrapers on the floor underneath the aviary permitting the volume of manure control and therefore limiting the quantity of ammoniac in the air.

By load cells and an electronic liter acount device we get the bird’s consumption which is centralized on the Macronew computer that orders ventilation, illumination, lunch schedule, etc…too.

The perch lay out allows an optimal mobility for the laying hens at every level. The air conditioning system achieves a clean atmosphere and homogeneous conditions at every place in the shed which means equally, a homogeneous laying hen’s distribution inside the shed.

All of this contribute to a good production along with a happy laying hen.